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Psychedelic Drugs


Psychedelic drugs, often known as hallucinogens or simply hallucinogens, are a family of substances that are generally used recreationally to increase and modify sensory perceptions, cerebral functions, and energy levels, as well as to encourage spiritual experiences. They comprise both drugs like LSD and plants like peyote.
It is believed that psychedelic substances modify brain neuronal circuits involved in mood, cognition, perception, as well as other important regions necessary for regulating arousal and physiological reactions. These circuits use the neurotransmitter serotonin to produce their perception-altering effects.


Psychedelics are potent substances with the capacity to significantly alter consciousness. The neuronal pathways of serotonin are considered to be affected by these medications. The following are a few potential advantages of these substances:
• Feelings of relaxation
• Spiritual experiences
• Greater social connectivity
• An increased sense of wellbeing

How Do Psychedelic Drugs Work?

Traditional psychedelic drugs are thought to alter serotonin-dependent brain neuronal circuits to create their effects on perception. Particularly remarkable is its impact on the prefrontal cortex, which influences mood, cognition, perception, and other areas crucial for controlling arousal and physiological reactions to stress and panic.

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